What do I do if I notice a strange flight behavior of my drone?

ANAFI series drone hard reset

Hard resetting your ANAFI series drone reverts its most recent firmware to its original state. Parrot recommends the drone hard reset as a first intent procedure for several issues, notably gimbal calibration troubles.


1. Check a compatible microSD card is inserted into ANAFI.


2. Power your drone on (short press on the battery’s power button).


3. Wait for the gimbal to calibrate (or for the gimbal calibration to fail).


4. Press and hold the battery’s power button: after 8 seconds the battery’s LED light up in red, one after the other.


5. When the 4 LED are red, release the battery’s power button: your drone powers off briefly then reboots.


6. Check the contents of your drone’s microSD card: the hard reset procedure has generated a .TXT document named “wifi_security_key” at the root of the microSD card. This document confirms the hard reset procedure is complete and successful.


Skycontroller 3 factory reset

1. Press and hold down simultaneously the Shutter, Optics reset, and Take-off / landing buttons.


2. After 10 seconds, the LED of the Skycontroller 3 blinks quickly in white.


3. Hold the same 3 buttons down for 5 more seconds (15 seconds in total) to complete a factory reset and reboot.


Smart battery hard reset

Hard resetting your drone’s battery is useful to correct any battery issue. Parrot recommends a battery hard reset whenever the battery’s behavior strays from its expected behavior.


1. Remove the battery from the drone.


2. Plug your smart battery to a power source.


3. Regardless of the battery’s behavior, press and hold its power button for 15 seconds.


4. Release the power button: the battery’s LED run successively in green and red, then flash alternatively in green.


5. The battery’s hard reset is complete.


Reboot all systems

Rebooting all systems is useful to solve connectivity issues (black screen, white noise, etc.).


1. Power your drone off.


2. Close the Parrot Skycontroller 3.


3. Kill FreeFlight 6 on your device.


4. Reboot your device.


5. Open the Parrot Skycontroller 3.


6. Power your drone on.


7. Wait for synchronization between Parrot Skycontroller 3 and your drone (steady dark blue LED on the controller): check that the left trigger of the Parrot Skycontroller 3 activates the drone’s gimbal to ensure the synch is complete.


8. Plug your device to the Parrot Skycontroller 3.