How do I use the “GPS Lapse” photo mode?

First, select a photo mode by tapping the corresponding box of the HUD.

The options appear on your device. Tap a photo mode to select it and tap the photo mode box again to confirm your choice.


Selecting the “GPS Lapse” opens six options:

  • 5m
  • 10m
  • 20m
  • 50m
  • 100m
  • 200m


When one of these options has been selected, the soft shutter button of the HUD displays a GPS Lapse icon.


Second, select a photo format from the corresponding box of the HUD.

Tap the photo settings box to call the photo settings boxes. Tap the last box on the right of the screen to access the available photo formats. Tap a format (JPEG RECT, or JPEG WIDE if available, or DNG+JPEG if available) to select it. Tap the photo settings box again to close the sub-boxes and confirm your choice.


In “GPS Lapse” mode, the screen flashes white then freezes briefly in black and white to confirm a picture has been taken.


Control and move your ANAFI series drone:

When the drone reaches any point on a 5 to 200-meter bubble around the initial photo, depending on your option choice, the drone takes another photo, and so on until you press the shutter button again to stop the GPS Lapse. Between each shutter action, a green progress bar, at the bottom of the HUD, lets you estimate the distance the drone must cover before the next shot. At the end of the GPS Lapse, the number to the left of the soft shutter button reflects the total number of medias on the microSD card of the drone.