How to hard reset my ANAFI USA drone?

ANAFI series drone hard reset

Hard resetting your ANAFI series drone reverts its most recent firmware to its original state. Parrot recommends the drone hard reset as a first intent procedure for several issues, notably gimbal calibration troubles.


1. Check a compatible microSD card is inserted into ANAFI USA.


2. Power your drone on (short press on the battery’s power button).


3. Wait for the gimbal to calibrate (or for the gimbal calibration to fail).


4. Press and hold the battery’s power button: after 8 seconds the battery’s LED light up in red, one after the other.


5. When the 4 LED are red, release the battery’s power button: your drone powers off briefly then reboots.


6. Check the contents of your drone’s microSD card:

The hard reset procedure has generated a .TXT document named “wifi_security_key” at the root of the microSD card. This document confirms the hard reset procedure is complete and successful.