How do I use the thermal features of my ANAFI USA?

About Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging – or infrared (IR) thermography – is the process of acquiring, measuring and analyzing thermal information from non-contact devices, such as ANAFI USA’s FLIR Boson camera.


Thermal imaging devices transform invisible IR radiations, or heat transfers, into colored images the human eye can interpret and analyze.


To access ANAFI USA’s thermography mode, either tap the “THERMAL” box on the homepage of FreeFlight 6 or tap the “SPECTRUM” box on the lower bar of the HUD and select “Thermal”.


Presentation of the Thermal HUD (post-processing)

Note that when post-processing is activated (default value), the “Pause view” and “Lock scale” buttons are available – they disappear when post-processing is deactivated (refer to the “PREFERENCES – Thermal – Thermal post-processing” section of this guide for further information on thermal post-processing).


As for the Visible Spectrum, you can record both Thermal photos and videos:

Make your choice through the photo/video toggle button in the lower bar of the HUD (or among additional settings, as in the Thermal HUD screen capture).