How do I manage Wi-Fi connections of ANAFI USA?

WI-FI Link Optimization

ANAFI USA’s ecosystem is designed to optimize, in real time, the Wi-Fi communications between the Parrot Skycontroller 3 and the drone: by default, the ecosystem automatically selects the most efficient Wi-Fi channel available.


In urban environments, 5 GHz Wi-Fi channels suffer typically less interference than 2.4 GHz channels. Refer to the “PREFERENCES / Network” section of this guide for additional information on Wi-Fi channel management and allowing automatic switching to 5 GHz channels.


To maintain an optimal Wi-Fi link between the remote control and the drone, remember to keep a clear line of sight between them, and always direct the antennas of the Parrot Skycontroller 3 toward ANAFI USA.


Several FreeFlight 6 alerts enable you to react before a complete loss of Wi-Fi link. If the connection breaks down, ANAFI USA automatically initiates a RTH procedure: by default, the drone flies upward to 30m and starts flying toward its take-off position.


In most cases, this behavior enables a very fast recovery of the Wi-Fi link between the remote control and the drone, and pilots regain full control of the flight.