How do I change my FLIR Lepton (thermal) settings?

Access FreeFlight 6 preferences through the icon on the extreme right of the top bar of the homepage, or that of the HUD.


Preferences enable you to fine-tune your ANAFI Thermal drone to your hand – to customize it, to fit your piloting and filming styles.

Access Preferences submenus from the boxes on the left of the screen. Tap a box to select it and access its items.


For all items, default values (DV) are marked in bold characters. The Thermal preferences deal with specific thermography settings. Tap an item option, use “<” or “>” and “+” or “–” to change values.


Unit of temperature



Color gradient

Fusion / Rainbow / White Hot / Black Hot


Thermal calibration

AUTO mode is recommended for most users.


If you select the MANUAL mode, note that the application will periodically remind you to calibrate your thermal camera, through the dedicated Skycontroller 3 symbol button of your HUD.


Temperature range

DEFAULT (High-Gain) mode is recommended for scenes between - 10° C and 140° C.


VERY HIGH TEMPERATURES (Low-Gain) mode is recommended for scenes between 140° C and 400° C.


Custom emissivity

Emissivity (0.0 to 1.0; DV: 0.95)

Refers to the ability of surfaces to emit thermal (infra-red) radiation. Emissivity values range from 0.0 to 1.0: the emissivity of highly polished metallic surfaces seldom exceeds 0.10; the emissivity of the surface of a perfect black body is 1.0.


Reflected temperature (-273° C to 1 000° C; DV: 20° C)

Refers to the thermal radiation originating from objects which reflect off the measurement target.


Adapt reference values to a specific target to improve the accuracy of your measurements.


Tap “RESET THERMAL SETTINGS” on the bottom of the page to reset preferences.

This button also reinitializes thermal Spot and Absolute scales to default values, as well as visible and thermal images blending.