What is the information available on my FreeFlight 7 interface?

The HUD (head-up display) interface of FreeFlight 7 is the companion to ANAFI Ai. It enables you to access all the features of ANAFI Ai, from the screen of your device, at the touch of your thumbs.

This section explores FreeFlight 7 functions, starting with a presentation of HUD information.


Presentation of the HUD

1. Drone horizontal distance relative to pilot

2. Drone height relative to take-off point

3. Drone speed

4. To dashboard

5. Notifications & alerts zone

6. Obstacle avoidance (shield) icon

7. Compass and drone direction to pilot

8. Controller: battery/GPS statuses

9. Drone: battery/4G/Wi-Fi/GPS statuses

10. To settings

11. Zoom factor

12. Gimbal tilt

13. Piloting modes/Missions

14. Drone speed mode (Film/Sport)

15. Imaging modes (Video/Photo/Pano)

16. Center (drone/controller) toggle

17. Map/3D view area

18. Slider

19. Shutter (Record/Stop: video mode)

20. Imaging settings