How to use the Geoawareness feature in FreeFlight 7?

The geo-awareness function detects potential airspace boundary violations and alerts the pilot remotely. This feature is designed to help you respect European regulations. As a drone pilot, you must respect the geographical flight limits in place in the country where you fly. The geo-awareness function alerts the pilot when:


  • The drone is about to enter a restricted airspace, or
  • The drone is in a restricted airspace.


Geocage limit reached V7.7.0.0 – published on June 29, 2023 61 Examples of restricted areas can include, airports, prisons, government facilities, or other sensitive areas, etc.


Note: Geographical data on restricted areas is managed by Parrot and is updated regularly without the need for user intervention.


Geo-awareness is enabled by default. You can deactivate it in the advanced settings.


Warning: It is the pilot’s responsibility to respect restricted airspace.


When the geo-awareness function is activated, the alert: Geo-awareness – about to enter a no-fly zone appears on the screen in orange, if you are about to enter a restricted area. The alert appears 10 seconds before you enter the area, estimating your course if you maintain the same heading and speed.

If the drone is inside a restricted area, the orange alert is replaced by: Geo-awareness – no-fly zone in red.


The geo-awareness function indicates restricted areas but does not exempt you from being alert to your environment. For safety reasons, do not fly near airports, highways, train stations, railroads, city centers and other sensitive areas.


Warning: if the drone’s GPS or magnetometer is unavailable, the geo-awareness function will be inoperative.


Note: some areas have vertical limits. The altitude of the drone being calculated in relation to the take-off point and not in relation to the ground, it is possible that a difference is present between the announced limit and the real limit. Take precautions when flying in areas of high terrain: the pilot remains responsible for respecting the vertical limits of the drone geographical zones.


Tap RESET ALL GEO SETTINGS on the bottom of the page to reset to the default values.