How do use the Cameraman piloting mode with ANAFI Ai?

The Cameraman mode enables you to keep an object or a subject in the center of your frame, while you pilot ANAFI Ai around it/him/her.

1. Frame the object or subject you want to film and fly around.


2. Tap the “PILOTING MODE” icon in the left bottom corner of the HUD of FreeFlight 7 to access the piloting modes options. Tap “Cameraman” to select this piloting mode. Potential targets (people, vehicles) are highlighted in yellow as in the screenshot below.

3. Tap a potential target to select it, or draw a rectangle with your finger on the screen of your device, around the object subject you want ANAFI Ai to follow. When your target is locked, it appears highlighted in green, as in the next screenshot.

4. Fly ANAFI Ai around your target. The drone keeps your target at the center of the frame. Therefore, if you push the right joystick of the Parrot Skycontroller 4 to the left, ANAFI Ai circles around your target clockwise. If you push the right joystick of the Parrot Skycontroller 4 to the right, ANAFI Ai circles around your target counterclockwise.


5. When the Cameraman mode is activated, ANAFI Ai manages the gimbal tilt to keep the target in the frame. Therefore, the left trigger of the Parrot Skycontroller 4 is deactivated in this mode. However, you can still control the zoom, with the right trigger.


When you release the commands in the Cameraman mode, ANAFI Ai hovers and rotates to keep following the target.


To end the following of your target, tap the white square on red background (“STOP button”) in the bottom right corner of the HUD.


When no target is selected, or when the following of the target has been ended by the pilot, ANAFI Ai’s behavior is similar to that of the Manual flight mode.


Activate and monitor the Cameraman mode with care: always check your flight plan and the trajectory of your subject are clear from obstacles and safe, always retain visual contact with ANAFI Ai, and always be ready to stop the following (tap the “STOP button” of your HUD) in case a danger or any sort of unexpected obstacle arises.