How do I use the ISO function of ANAFI Ai?

The ISO value refers to the sensitivity of the sensor.

As we have seen, it is linked to the shutter speed value: both sliders activate when you deactivate the “Auto” mode and set a value for one, or for the other. The lower the ISO value, the lower the sensitivity of the sensor, and the lower the image noise (digital grain). Therefore, under good lighting conditions, such as sunny daylight outside shots, low ISO values (between 50 and 200) should always be selected. The sensitivity of the sensor increases as the ISO value goes up: 1600 ISO can be used to capture low light interior scenes, or exterior shots at dusk or dawn, for example.


By default, in Auto mode, ANAFI Ai constantly adapts its ISO and shutter speed values to the scene it is filming. Setting an ISO value for a whole shot or series of shot, however, is very useful to professional filming.


1. Tap the ISO box to open the shutter slider.


2. Select a value to exit the Auto mode for ISO and shutter speed. This action also deactivates the EV slider.


3. Set the ISO value you require, then tap the “s” box to select a shutter value. Experiment! The display of the HUD reflects your settings. If you get lost, tap Auto either on the “s” or the “ISO” slider to get back to auto exposure and reactivate the EV slider.