How do I use the Lock AE function of ANAFI Ai?

As any serious camera, FreeFlight 7 offers the possibility to lock the general exposure of a view, to fine-tune the framing of a shot and keep the desired exposure.


To access this function, tap the “Imaging settings box” of the HUD.

1. A “Lock AE” icon appears, to the left of the HDR icon (it replaces the “HDR” icon in DNG+JPEG photoformat, since HDR is not available with this setting).


2. Tap the “Open lock” icon, on the far left of the Imaging menu to lock the exposure value to that of the current view. The icon turns into a “Closed lock” on a yellow background. A yellow “Lock AE” box appears under the “Next available action” box, at the center of the top bar of the HUD.


3. Move ANAFI Ai around or tilt its gimbal to change the frame: the exposure settings remain as they were when you activated the function.


4. Tap the “Closed lock” icon to deactivate the exposure lock: the icon reverts to “Open lock” on a white background.

Lock AE Touch

With the “Lock AE Touch” (or “Spot AE”) function of FreeFlight 7, you can also lock the exposure of a frame on any detail of any view.


To activate this function, follow the “Lock AE” procedure of the preceding section. When the exposure is locked, long press the region of the frame you want to base your exposure on. A yellow square animates around this spot and the settings change (“s” value, ISO value, or both).


Refer to the following screenshots for additional details on the logic of this great feature.