How do I store the smart battery of ANAFI Ai?

Like all other LiPo batteries, ANAFI Ai’s smart battery must be handled, transported and stored with care:

  • never leave a battery unattended while charging;
  • never expose a battery to extreme temperatures, neither hot, nor cold;
  • never charge a battery which is still warm from use (wait for at least 20 minutes);
  • never use or recharge a damaged or swollen battery;
  • always store your battery in a dry, ventilated place, at a temperature close to 20°C;
  • always carry your battery in a fire-retardant bag or case (unless it is installed on ANAFI Ai: it can then be transported with the drone, inside its carrying case).


Finally, note that ANAFI Ai’s smart battery will only allow charge in ambient temperatures between +10°C and +45°C, and that using ANAFI Ai in temperatures approaching 0°C will reduce its flying time. To minimize this slight drop in the smart battery’s capacity, keep your battery as warm as possible before starting a flight in a cold environment.


If the behavior of your battery is not consistent with the elements contained in this section, and if you cannot get it to power your ANAFI Ai, you must hard reset your battery: plug it to a power source with the enclosed cable, then keep the battery’s power button pressed for 15 seconds (regardless of the behavior of the LEDs), and release the button.


The battery’s LEDs flash quickly, one after the other, alternating green and red: the hard reset is successful!