How do I prepare for a flight with ANAFI Ai?

Charge the battery using the enclosed USB-A to USB-C cable and a USB-A power adapter (not included in the box).

Charging times depend on the supply capacity of the adapter. Refer to the “Battery charging” section of this guide for additional information. Parrot recommends you always run a full charge of your smart battery before flying ANAFI Ai.


If you want to use the controller and enjoy the full ANAFI Ai experience, charge Parrot Skycontroller 4.


Check that your flying zone is safe and clear.

To start the drone, place it on a flat horizontal surface and press the power button.


a) If you use Parrot Skycontroller 4, unfold the central part of the controller to power it on, wait for the steady dark blue light, then plug your device to the controller using a USB cable. Parrot recommends you always fly ANAFI Ai with Parrot Skycontroller 4 and a device, for the best flight experience.


b) If you do not wish to use the controller, connect your device to the Wi-Fi network of ANAFI Ai, using the Wi-Fi settings card located inside the drone’s carrying case, shoulder bag or backpack - SSID format: ANAFI Ai-xxxxx.


FreeFlight 7 runs automatically on your device and connects to ANAFI Ai and to Parrot Skycontroller 4.


Check for controller and drone software updates.

Calibrate your ANAFI Ai, your Parrot Skycontroller 4, or both, if required, following the instructions on the screen of your device.


Check that your flying zone is still safe and clear, and that no one (people, animal) has approached or is approaching ANAFI Ai.


Stay at least 2m (6ft) clear from the drone, press the Skycontroller 3 symbol button and enjoy the flight!