How do I manage 4G connections?

About 4G connectivity

4G connectivity opens professional users a wide new world of BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) flights. Provided 4G coverage is available, ANAFI Ai has no range limit, other than that of its battery.


In interference-ridden environments such as urban areas, 4G connectivity also offers an incomparable robustness of the communications between drone and controller.


By default, as soon as a compatible SIM card is inserted in ANAFI Ai and activated, the Skycontroller 4 optimizes its connection with the drone, choosing between Wi-Fi and 4G network, automatically and in real time.


You can choose a different behavior (Wi-Fi priority or 4G priority) from the “Connection” Advanced Settings of FreeFlight 7 – refer to the “ADVANCED SETTINGS / Connection” section of this guide for additional information.


Be aware that 4G connection and in flight 4G data sharing may generate a charge, according to the 4G data plan associated to your SIM card.


Check local regulations before using 4G connectivity, as certain countries may restrict or prohibit drone connections to local 4G network, even in areas where drones are allowed to operate. In such a situation, disable “cellular access” on your FreeFlight 7 interface and use Wi-Fi connection only (refer to User Guide “advanced settings” section).

Inserting the SIM card

The SIM card slot of ANAFI Ai is located on the right side of the drone, under the “4G” cover. To install the SIM card, lift the cover open and insert the SIM card straight into the slot, shortest side first and connectors turned to the back of the drone – refer to the diagram inside the 4G cover.


Activating the SIM card

To activate the SIM card, power the ANAFI Ai ecosystem on as you would for a flight. The following screen pops up. Select “Configure” to activate the SIM card.

If you have not created your Parrot.Cloud account yet, now is the time: tap “Please register” on the next screen and follow the instructions. All your data is secured with the ecosystem’s Secure Elements, which manage the safety of the connections between drone and controller, and your Parrot.Cloud pilot account – through your SIM card’s PIN code.

Log in to your Parrot.Cloud account. A popup invites you to enter the PIN code of your SIM card. If the popup does not appear, access the “Cellular access” menu from the drone page of the dashboard, as on the following screenshot, displaying “SIM locked”.

Enter your PIN when prompted. After a few seconds, the 4G protocols are activated.

4G flying

When the SIM card has been activated, each time the ecosystem is powered on (or each time it connects to a 4G network), FreeFlight 7 confirms the availability of 4G with the popup shown on the following screenshot.