How do I create panoramas with ANAFI Ai?

ANAFI Ai panoramas are generated automatically through the gallery of FreeFlight 7, based on a series of pictures taken by the drone.


The generation of a panorama, regardless of its format, implies three phases:

  • collecting the pictures, in flight;
  • downloading the pictures from ANAFI Ai to your device;
  • stitching the pictures together to create the panorama, on your device, through the gallery of FreeFlight 7.


⚠ Before shooting a panorama:

1. Make sure you are not flying lower than 10 meters (30ft) over water.


2. Make sure no object nor subject are present in a 10 meters (30ft) radius around ANAFI Ai.


3. Bear in mind ANAFI Ai locks the exposure (refer to the “AE Lock ” section of this guide for additional information on exposure locking) of the frame with which you start your panorama. For this reason, Parrot recommends you always frame the main subject of the intended panorama before pressing the shutter button.


4. Bear in mind ANAFI Ai will not enable you to proceed with a panorama if the drone is short on power (capturing a 360 Panorama takes ANAFI Ai 85 seconds).


To capture a panorama, select the “Panorama” box from the imaging “Mode” menu of the HUD. Then, tap the panorama type you want to select it: Vertical, Horizontal, 360 or Super Wide.

When you are happy with your framing, press the hard shutter button on the right of the Parrot Skycontroller 4 (or tap the soft shutter button of the HUD) to begin the Panorama capture. ANAFI Ai starts taking pictures and the bottom of the HUD displays a progress bar which fills with green as the capture unfolds.

Panorama types capture characteristics:

  • Vertical: ANAFI Ai takes 8 photos in about 20 seconds
  • Horizontal: ANAFI Ai takes 10 photos in about 20 seconds
  • 360: ANAFI Ai takes 42 photos in about 85 seconds
  • Super Wide: ANAFI Ai takes 9 photos in about 18 seconds


To download the Panorama pictures to your device, land ANAFI Ai From the homepage of FreeFlight 7, tap the “MEDIAS Tile” to access the Gallery. Like other medias, Panoramas are marked with their distinct icon and a green download box, which shows the size of the corresponding series of pictures. The icon boxes at the top center of the screen enable you to filter your media.

Tap the green box of the Panorama you want to generate to start downloading the corresponding series of pictures to your device. When the download is complete, FreeFlight 7 displays a page from where you can delete the downloaded photos: tap “Keep” to keep the originals on the microSD card; tap “Delete” to delete them.


Select its tab on the left to access the FreeFlight 7 Phone Gallery, which contains only the media you have downloaded from ANAFI Ai’s microSD card.

Finally, select the panorama you want to generate from your Local gallery: FreeFlight 7 displays the following screen. 

Tap “Generate” to create the panorama (or browse the individual pictures with the slider on the left). 


Depending on the power of your device, FreeFlight 7 may display one or two resolution options, up to 32 MP. Select the option you want to launch the generation. The time this process takes also depends on your device’s power. For the highest quality 360 panorama (32 MP), it can take several minutes.

When the panorama creation is complete, FreeFlight 7 adds the result at the top of the corresponding photo folder.