How do I change my recording settings?

Recording settings enable you to select camera options, both in photo and video modes.

The default values are displayed in the following screenshot.

About Overexposure display

When this setting is activated, the HUD of FreeFlight 7 shows all overexposed areas of the screen as hatched, which enables you to fine-tune your framing, your EV settings, or both.


About Picture signing

Deactivate this setting if you do not need your pictures to serve as evidence, as each picture is signed individually and therefore reduces the burst performance of the drone.


About Anti-flickering

This setting and the associated technology aim at eliminating the flicker effect which can arise due to some artificial lights. The “AUTO” option should work for most users, but depending on your country, you can try other settings if you feel bothered by a flicker effect on your device’s screen, your artificial light videos, or both.


Tap “REINITIATE CAMERA SETTINGS” on the bottom of the page to reset to default.