How do I change my behaviour settings?

The Behaviour settings allow you to adapt the flight behavior of ANAFI Ai for each mode (“Film” and “Sport”).

Use each slider to fix your values.


Camera tilt speed

1°/s to 180°/s

(DV: 10°/s for FILM; 20°/s for SPORT)


Banked turn


(DV: YES for FILM, NO for SPORT)



0.25°/s to 30°/s

(DV: 10°/s for FILM; 25°/s for SPORT)


Vertical speed

0.05m/s to 4m/s

(DV: 1m/s for FILM; 2m/s for SPORT)


Rotation speed

10°/s to 200°/s

(DV: 10°/s for FILM; 20°/s for SPORT)


Note that “Inclination” and “Vertical speed” values are the ones which carry the biggest impact on ANAFI Ai’s acceleration and general flying behavior. Corresponding sliders turn to orange instead of black to warn users the settings they have selected require extreme care, superior piloting skills, or both, when flying ANAFI Ai.


Tap each reset button on the bottom of each page to reset the corresponding Mode to its default values.