UAVIA and Parrot announce Technology and Marketing Partnership

UAVIA_and_Parrot_announce Partneship

The two companies and are democratizing 4G autonomous drones by interconnecting the Parrot Anafi Ai with UAVIA Robotics Platform.

UAVIA and Parrot announce Technology and Marketing Partnership. The two companies and are democratizing 4G autonomous drones by interconnecting the Parrot Anafi Ai with UAVIA Robotics Platform.


The Anafi Ai UAVIA Inside can complement the fleets of drones accessible from UAVIA cloud platform providing an unbeaten characteristics mix regarding weight, autonomy and 4K video performance.


This product launch opens new perspectives streamlining routine and emergency use cases in complex environments, enabling ubiquitous collaboration and a better understanding of the situation in the decision making process.
Such a light and affordable product with best-of-breed performances and features made available through the joint efforts of two technology champions is a game changer which will participate to the generalization of drone usages in many industries.


“This collaboration with UAVIA is fully in line with the Parrot strategy regarding the open ecosystem we set up around the Anafi Ai. The UAVIA technology integration with our open software architecture is the perfect example of how a partner can complement efficiently the Anafi Ai capabilities to address new market segments", says Chris Roberts, Parrot’ Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.


“This collaboration natural as UAVIA and Parrot share a similar vision of the connected drones and the way users expect to interact with them”, adds Pierre VILPOUX CEO of UAVIA. “This convergence was reinforced by the compatibility of the architectures of our respective products, and this full integration takes the autonomous drone to the next level.


Attention to cybersecurity and data sovereignty are focus points for both companies who’s teams are working closely to insure customers on a worldwide basis benefit from this integration for more and more use cases.


UAVIA is a software company providing a standardized collaborative platform to handle autonomous drone operations : “UAVIA Robotics Platform”. Multiple users across the world can access UAVIA’s AI to control heterogeneous drones fleets, while having data processed and shared in real-time for a wide range of value-added applications.

UAVIA’s teams focus on delivering the best and secured product to customers, by merging the company innovative patents with the latest advanced technologies behind an effortless UX interface. UAVIA Robotics platform is designed to match the industrial operators expectations in terms of cybersecurity and data sovereignty, and natively engineered to perform in any complex environment. Easy to use. Easy to integrate. Easy to deploy.