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How to download a panorama picture on my device?

1. To download the Panorama pictures to your device:

Land your ANAFI series drone, access the homepage of FreeFlight 6 and tap the microSD card box or the Gallery box to display the media present on your microSD card.


Like other media, Panoramas are marked with their distinct icon and a green download box, which shows the size of the corresponding series of pictures.

2. Tap the green box of the Panorama you want to generate to start downloading the corresponding series of pictures to your device.

When the download is complete, FreeFlight 6 displays a page from where you can delete the downloaded photos: tap “Yes” to keep the originals on the microSD card; tap “No” to delete them. FreeFlight 6 displays the Local (device) gallery, which contains only the media you have downloaded from your ANAFI series drone’s microSD card.

3. Finally, select the panorama you want to generate from your Local gallery:

FreeFlight 6 displays the following screen.

4. Tap “Create” to generate the panorama (or tap the other icon to access the series of individual pictures.

Depending on the power of your device, FreeFlight 6 may display one or two resolution options, up to 32 MP. Select the option you want to launch the generation. The time this process takes also depends on your device’s power. For the highest quality 360 panorama (32 MP), it can take several minutes.

5. When the panorama creation is complete, FreeFlight 6 displays the panorama and gives you the option to delete the original files.

For each Vertical or Horizontal panorama capture, you will be able to generate one panorama only.


For each 360 capture, you will be able to generate three different preset panoramas (Sphere, Little Planet and Tunnel) and a potentially infinite number of custom panoramas, through the 360 editor.


Do not worry about stitching issues on your 360 editor screen, when you create a custom panorama: the direct rendering is a preview only. For each custom panorama you decide to create, FreeFlight 6 completely reprocesses the data to minimize stitching issues and discrepancies.