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How do I use the Spiral Cineshot?

Your ANAFI series drone features a series of automated shots, which enable you to capture scenes professionally.

Make sure you have selected the video settings you require and tap “CINESHOTS” in the bottom bar of the HUD to access Cineshots. Tap a Cineshot to select it. For each, two options appear. Your ANAFI series drone films all your Cineshots automatically – provided you have free space on your microSD card.


The Spiral Cineshot is perfect to unveil your surroundings – or that of any object on the ground.

When it is activated, your drone tilts its camera to the ground and starts moving up, in a straight vertical line. Slowly, as it climbs to 30 or 60 meters, the drone carries out a full 360° rotation around its axis, then its camera tilts up progressively, panning over the scenery along a 180° rotation. Therefore, the drone finishes the Spiral Cineshot with a 180° angle, compared to its starting point.


Before you activate the Spiral Cineshot, check the area beyond your ANAFI series drone is clear from obstacles, and safe:

do not activate the Spiral Cineshot under trees, or a bridge, for example.


Tap “30m” (small-arrow icon) or “60m” (large-arrow icon) to select the range of your Spiral shot, and activate it. After a countdown on the HUD, your ANAFI series drone tilts its camera down and starts moving up and rotating. An animation flashes on the screen of your device, and the “Spiral” box progressively fills with green as the Cineshot unfolds.


Activate and monitor all Cineshots with care: always check your automated shot flight plan is clear from obstacles and safe, always retain visual contact with your drone, and always be ready to reclaim control of your drone: any action on any stick of Parrot Skycontroller 3 immediately terminates the current Cineshot.