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How do I share my flight data with Parrot?

Parrot strongly recommends you set up a Parrot.Cloud account. Sharing your data, even anonymously, benefits the community, as it enables us to improve our products. It also directly benefits all identifiable users in case they need to contact Parrot support teams.


You can create your account directly from FreeFlight 6: all you need is a valid email address.


From the homepage of FreeFlight 6, tap the “Register” box, to the left of the “Fly” box, on the bottom of the screen. The following page is displayed.

Select “Connect with Facebook” or “Connect with Google” if you want to link your Facebook or Google profile to your Parrot pilot profile, then follow onscreen instructions.


Select “Create an account” if you want to create your Parrot pilot account with an email address. The following page is displayed.

Enter you email, and your password twice, then tap “Register”. The following page is displayed.*

Enter your details and tap “Continue”, then confirm or enter your pilot name.


Accept or decline sharing your flight data with Parrot (those are kept anonymously on secure European servers) from the following screens.


Remember to confirm your email address, by clicking on the link contained in the following email the interface sends you during the procedure, to finalize account creation.