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How do I change my control settings?

Access FreeFlight 6 preferences through the icon on the extreme right of the top bar of the homepage, or that of the HUD. Preferences enable you to fine-tune your ANAFI series drone to your hand – to customize it, to fit your piloting and filming styles.


Access Preferences submenus from the boxes on the left of the screen. Tap a box to select it and access its items.


For all items, default values (DV) are marked in bold characters.


The Controls preferences set the way your controller behaves. It also enables you to activate the “Hand- launch” option.


Tap an item option to select it.


Control mode

CLASSIC / ARCADE (only available in flight)


Inverse joys

OFF (white) / ON (green)



OFF (white) / ON (green)


EV Trigger

OFF (white) / ON (green)


When activated, the EV Trigger enables you to control the EV (exposure value) directly from the zoom (right) trigger of the Parrot Skycontroller 3. (refer to the “PARROT SKYCONTROLLER 3 PRESENTATION” section of this online help for additional information). With this setting, you can therefore manually modify your EV from -3.0 to +3.0, by increments of 0.3, which automatically impacts the shutter speed (“s” value) of the camera.





Tap “RESET ALL CONTROL PREFERENCES” on the bottom of the page to reset preferences.