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Parrot’s Commitment to Protecting Your Data

Pioneers in Flight. Pioneers in Security.

Parrot launched the world’s first consumer drone in 2010, and we have been at the forefront of aerial innovation ever since: In addition to industry-first imaging capabilities, incredible ease of use, quiet operation, and exceptional portability, our drones provide best-in-class data protection. We deliver the security and privacy you deserve.


At Parrot, securing your data is a top priority, not an afterthought. Drones now play a vital role for first responders, firefighters, search-and-rescue teams, law-enforcement and security agencies, and surveying and inspection professionals. As such, drones must offer the same high-level data protections as other systems in your enterprise computing infrastructure.


Parrot ensures your drone is a pillar of strength rather than a weak link. Built for the most demanding enterprise users, our integrated encryption and privacy features are compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), providing exceptional data protection for sensitive missions.

Privacy by Design

Parrot implements privacy by design. Our software has no obfuscated or hidden features, and we respect all data-protection laws. We believe in full transparency, and our approach is detailed in the Parrot Privacy Policy.


When you use our drones, only relevant data is processed, and no other data is collected from your device. You may opt-in to share data with Parrot to help our R&D team enhance our current and future products. In these scenarios, your data is anonymized before being shared with Parrot.


The process of erasing your flight history or deleting your Parrot account is also very simple. You can request these actions seamlessly in the data privacy settings of the FreeFlight 6 app.

Parrot FreeFlight 6: Independently Tested. Independently Validated. Exceptionally Secure.

A drone is only as secure as the app that controls it. Parrot’s FreeFlight 6 mobile app allows you to plan missions with ease, control aerial imagery with precision, analyze and adjust extensive settings in real-time, and view captured footage quickly. Just as importantly, FreeFlight 6 delivers the same best-in-class data privacy and security as the ANAFI drone platform.

FreeFlight 6 has been independently and thoroughly tested for privacy and security vulnerabilities by security consultancy Bishop Fox, one of the most recognized private offensive-security professional services company. Bishop Fox’s extensive assessments of the FreeFlight 6 mobile applications and API web services showed that the app delivers on Parrot’s promise of exceptional data security, protection and transparency: no obfuscation, no hidden functionality, no forced updates, no suspicious activity, and no behaviors or functions that conflict with Parrot’s strict data-privacy policy.

With FreeFlight 6, you keep complete control over your data – and your drone. From your mobile device to your UAS, Parrot ensures that sensitive information is protected and private at every stage. Data is in your hands.

See the full Bishop Fox assessment of FreeFlight 6 security and privacy features here.

ANAFI USA: Military-Grade Security and Privacy for the Enterprise

The new ANAFI USA offers the same security, durability and imaging capabilities as Parrot’s Short-Range Reconnaissance (SRR) drone designed for the U.S. Army. Our world-class data encryption and privacy features meet the highest standards for professional users.


Complete Control Over Your Own Data

With ANAFI USA, no data is shared without your consent. By default, flight data and logs are stored only on your device. To ease backup, remote access and support, users can opt in to store data on secure servers in Europe via the FreeFlight 6 app.


Data Security Through Powerful Encryption

ANAFI USA encrypts all photos and videos stored on its SD card, using an AES-XTS algorithm with a 512-bit key length. Once encrypted, data can only be read with an encryption key - ensuring sensitive data cannot be accessed if your drone falls into the wrong hands.


Standards and Protocols You Can Trust

ANAFI USA ensures you can connect and capture footage with full confidence. ANAFI USA uses the secure WPA2 certification to authenticate and encrypt all Wi-Fi communications. Parrot uses open protocols such as RTP/RTSP, H.264 and Gutma to ensure the interoperability of all recorded data.


Protection Against Data Theft and Corruption

ANAFI USA’s powerful encryption helps ensure that saved data cannot be read if the drone or SD card is stolen or lost. Furthermore, digital signature verification for all firmware updates helps prevent corruption by malicious organizations.


Manufactured in the USA

ANAFI USA is manufactured in Massachusetts. In addition, control over the supply chain is more stringent: Parrot chose ANAFI USA’s components based on trusted manufacturers and their country of origin.

Parrot + WISeKey: Working Together to Define the Future of Drone Security

Our expert partnerships will help drone security evolve and improve well into the future. Parrot has partnered with WISeKey, a leading global cybersecurity and IoT company, to integrate advanced digital security solutions into Parrot’s growing range of ANAFI drones. WISeKey’s VaultlC4xxx elements will protect the drone’s digital identity, prevent firmware and data compromises, and guarantee secure connections between the controller and the drone. The result is government-grade security that will set a new paradigm for protection.

Trusted by the World’s Most Demanding Organizations

Parrot’s data-protection practices are exceptional by necessity. Our partners and customers include some of the world’s most demanding organizations, and our security and privacy features are engineered to meet their strictest and most challenging requirements. We put the power of military- and government-grade data security in the hands of professional users.


U.S. Army and Department of Defense

ANAFI USA offers many of the same high-end data security and privacy features as Parrot’s Short-Range Reconnaissance (SRR) drone developed for the U.S. Army and Department of Defense.

Learn more about Parrot’s work for the U.S. Army and Department of Defense


Airborne International Response Team (AIRT)

Miami’s Airborne International Response Team (AIRT) will use Parrot’s powerful ANAFI USA drone to support first responders, disaster-response operations, and humanitarian missions.

Learn more about AIRT’s partnership with Parrot


Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (CRASAR)

CRASAR has long used Parrot’s drones to help public safety teams explore critical life-saving applications for aerial, terrestrial, and marine robots in real-world disaster scenarios.

Learn how CRASAR uses Parrot drones in disaster-response missions


Swiss Armed Forces

The Swiss Armed Forces have selected Parrot to develop secure, easily deployable, and highly capable micro-drones for military operations.

Learn more about how the Swiss Army will use Parrot’s innovative drones

Parrot’s Security Leadership

Victor Vuillard, Chief Security Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Cybersecurity at Parrot


CSO Victor Vuillard is the lead security manager for Parrot and its subsidiaries, bringing more than a decade of cybersecurity experience in the public and private sectors. Prior to joining Parrot, Vuillard was head of cybersecurity for the nuclear engineering division of EDF, one of the largest power companies in the world and one of the most stringent regarding critical infrastructures and embedded systems security. Vuillard also headed the Rapid Intervention Group (GIR) at the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI), where he led the agency’s immediate response efforts to large-scale compromises.


Parrot is on a mission to address the immense security needs of the professional market. Drone use continues to climb exponentially in the professional sector, and our cutting-edge features ensure the ongoing protection of valuable data. We are delivering peace of mind to the most demanding professional users by integrating the world’s best security features into our drones and redefining modern drone security.

Parrot CSO Victor Vuillard