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ANAFI Thermal

ANAFI Smart battery

Anafi contains a LiPo USB-C battery that enables the drone to fly for up to 25 minutes (26 min with ANAFI Thermal). This is the longest flight time available on the market for a ...

99,90 €

ANAFI Foldable propellers

Anafi uses four two-blade propellers that are foldable reinforcing the drone’s compact design. The propellers can be replaced in case of damage. ...

19,90 €

ANAFI Central body

ANAFI’s frame is reinforced by carbon fibers, creating a light yet resistant structure. ...

99,00 €

Parrot Skycontroller 3

Parrot Skycontroller 3 has been specially designed to ensure an ergonomic interaction with ANAFI. Fly your drone easily and safely with Parrot Skycontroller 3. Its antennas provide ...

199,00 €





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