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Can I connect to my Parrot Pot from my computer?


No, you can only connect to Parrot Pot using your smartphone or tablet.


Do I have to have a user account to use the Parrot Flower Power app?


No, you can use the Parrot Flower Power app without a user account. However, your data won’t be saved between mobile devices.


Can I use Parrot Pot with several different devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.)?


Yes, if you use the same account. Once device receives the data which has been synced with the Parrot server and sends it to the other devices using the same account. Alerts are sent to all devices connected to the one account.


How many Parrot Pot can I connect to the Parrot Flower Power app?


You can connect up to 200 Parrot Pot with any one Parrot Flower Power account. However, you can only recover data and use live mode with one Parrot Pot at a time.


How can I find my Parrot Pot when there are several available?


When you launch the Parrot Flower Power app, and you press My Garden, the list of available devices appears. The information displayed allows you to easily identify your Parrot Pot:

  • The product name, stuck on the external part of the Parrot Pot container, is made up of “Parrot Pot” followed by 4 characters.

  • If the name is in gray, this means that it has already been paired with an account on the Parrot Flower Power app.

Update : 15/10/2018
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