How to sync a phone's contact list

Firstly, make sure that your phone's contacts are saved in the phone's own memory, as those saved to the SIM card cannot be synced with the hands-free kit.


On most Bluetooth phones, the phone's contact list automatically syncs with the memory of the hands-free kit.


Depending on the model of your phone, you may need to confirm in order to sync the contact list:


  • On Blackberry phones, a pop-up window with "Accept connection request" may appear. If you wish to accept, select "Yes" and tick the box "Don't display this prompt again".


  • On Android phones, a message may appear in the notification area. If this happens, accept the request to transfer the contact list.


Automatic syncing is limited to 2,000 contacts per paired phone, even if some contacts have several phone numbers linked to them.


Also note that every time you make a change to your contact list, syncing will automatically take place when you next restart Parrot Minikit Neo.


Update : 15/10/2018
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