How to record voice prints

After syncing, a voice print is automatically added to all your contacts in Parrot MINIKIT Neo. There is therefore no need to record your own voice print for each contact in order to make a call using voice recognition.


But if Parrot MINIKIT Neo misinterprets the name of one of your contacts, or if you wish to record a shorter voice print, you can record a new voice print. To do this:


  1. Select "Add voice prints" > you will hear Parrot Minikit Neo say "Contact List".


  2. Select a letter and press the dial.


  3. Select the contact and press the dial. > You will then hear "Say the name of the contact after the beep".


  4. State the name of the selected contact > Parrot Minikit Neo will say "Recording complete".


Update : 15/10/2018
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