How to receive a call

Before using the telephony function on your Parrot Minikit Neo, you must first connect your phone to it. See the section "Pairing a phone" for more information.




  • An incoming call is indicated by a ringtone.

    > The name of the contact will be read out if this contact's number is saved in the contact list on the phone connected to Parrot Minikit Neo.

    > The red and green LEDs will flash.


  • If you use Parrot Minikit Neo in Dual mode, the ringtone will vary depending on the phone receiving the call.


  • Use the dial to adjust the ringtone volume when the ringtone sounds.


Magic words


  • To take an incoming call using voice recognition, magic words must be activated. By default, magic words are activated for incoming calls and disabled for outgoing calls.


  • To activate or disable magic words for outgoing calls, select "Magic Words" and press the dial. Then activate the option.



Accepting a call


To accept a call with your Parrot Minikit Neo, press the green button or say "Accept" if you have activated magic words.


Declining a call


To decline a call with, press the red button or say "Decline" if you have activated magic words.


Update : 15/10/2018
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