Preparing your drone

Do you have your Parrot Mambo Fly in your hands? It's time to prepare for your first flight! Here are some tips for preparing to fly your drone for the first time.


First of all, download the free FreeFlight mini app from the App Store or on Google Play. It is free and allows you to easily change the settings of your Parrot Mambo Fly drone with your smartphone.


How to charge the battery of your PARROT MAMBO Fly


You cannot fly your Parrot Mambo Fly properly without a properly charged battery. To charge the battery of your minidrone, start by inserting the battery in the space provided at the rear of the drone.


With the micro-USB cable, connect Parrot Mambo Fly to a computer or a USB power supply adapter. The charging LED is solid red during the charging time. Allow about 30 minutes of charging time. When charging is complete, the red LED turns green.


To remove the battery, lift the tab and slide the battery backward!


How to fit the propellers of PARROT MAMBO FLY


To avoid mistakes when fitting PARROT MAMBO FLY's propellers, follow these instructions:


  • Place the white propellers at the front of the MiniDrone, and the black propellers at the back of the MiniDrone.

  • Use the gray markings as reference points on the MiniDrone's motors and propellers.

  • Once all the propellers are in place, make sure that when you position them in parallel, all the inner blades lean toward the body of the MiniDrone.


If your MiniDrone flips over on takeoff, the propellers are not mounted correctly.

Update : 25/02/2019
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