Learning to fly

MiniDrones like Parrot Mambo Fly are designed to be easy to use. Follow our guide!


Before you start, do not forget to download the FreeFlight Mini app for free in the Apple Store or on Android.


How to connect to Parrot Mambo Fly


To connect to Parrot Mambo Fly, insert the battery into its dedicated slot or press the ON/OFF button.


Once Parrot Mambo Fly is switched on, place it on a flat surface with the propellers facing upwards. Then wait until the indicator lights turn green. Then enable Bluetooth on your smartphone to connect to the app.


Once you have done this, the app automatically connects to Parrot Mambo Fly. If this is your first connection, you can select your drone manually from the list.


How to get my Parrot Mambo Fly to take off


To get your Parrot Mambo Fly to take off, place it on a flat surface with the propellers facing upwards.


Then, open the FreeFlight Mini app and press START.


Select the type of accessories used (with or without propeller guards).


Press TAKE-OFF: Parrot Mambo Fly takes off and hovers 1 meter above the ground waiting for the pilot's instructions!


How to get my Parrot Mambo Fly to land


To land your Parrot Mambo Fly, simply press the LANDING button. This will make the MiniDrone land automatically.


How to access the pre-programmed tricks?


There are a series of pre-programmed tricks to choose from. Just press the circular button. A list of tricks are displayed with an icon to represent each one of them. Double-tap the center of your smartphone screen to perform the selected trick.

Update : 25/02/2019
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