Flight mode characteristics

Parrot Mambo Fly is a MiniDrone designed for easy handling: it is surprisingly simple and allows you to start a flight in no time at all.


In the FreeFlight Mini app, several flight modes are provided to suit your level of experience or the flight required.


Check out our instructions for flying with your Parrot Mambo Fly!


Joystick mode


This is the default mode of your Parrot Mambo Fly. In short, if you let go of your controls in full flight, PARROT MAMBO FLY will hover in a stationary position. It is the ideal mode for beginners and for all those who are not planning to do complicated tricks in manual mode.


Drift mode


In this mode, the horizontal stabilization is disabled. This means that if you let go of your joystick, Parrot Mambo Fly returns to a horizontal attitude but continues to drift forward.


Racing mode


You benefit from having full control of your flights and you can master tight turns, low-level flying or acrobatic maneuvers. In this mode, the horizontal stabilization is disabled. If you push the throttle and let go of the controls, Parrot Mambo Fly continues to rise. On the other hand, you always benefit from horizontal flight assistance.


How to configure my PARROT MAMBO FLY


Several flight settings are available on FreeFlight Mini, including position, distances and flight limits.





Flat trim

Push the Flat Trim button before taking off or after a fall of the MiniDrone. This stabilizes the flight of the MiniDrone.


Max altitude

Define the maximum flight altitude of the MiniDrone.


Max pitch

Define the pitch angle of the MiniDrone in flight. The higher the angle, the faster the MiniDrone.


Max vertical speed

Define the maximum speed at which the MiniDrone can move up and down.


Max rotation speed

Define the maximum speed at which the MiniDrone can turn (yaw) on its own axis.


To reset the settings, press RESET.

Update : 25/02/2019
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