FAQ - Bebop Pro Thermal


  1. Can you fit a "FLIR One Pro" pod to Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal?


  2. How to access the thermal videos taken during the flight


  3. How to export videos What are the formats of the exported videos?


  4. What are the operating temperatures of the drone and the thermal camera?


  5. What are the available thermal color palettes? What are the differences?

  6. What are the main technical specifications of the camera?


  7. What is the detection limit of a hot spot?


  8. Which devices are compatible with the FreeFlight Thermal application?


  9. Can I use Flight Plan with FreeFlight Thermal?    

  10. Can Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal be used for 3D modeling like Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling?    

Update : 16/10/2018
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