How do I use the Thermal analyzer mode (display or replay) of my ANAFI Thermal?

The Thermal analyzer feature of FreeFlight 6 provides you with a great tool to achieve quick thermal analysis, directly from your device.


This function gives you full control over the on-screen rendering of any thermography video or photo you have taken with ANAFI Thermal.


From the analyzer, you can:


  • access Thermal Preferences directly from the preview’s Preferences icon, top right;
  • navigate inside your thermography videos;
  • use the temperature picker;
  • modify the thermography modes (Relative, Spot, Absolute) and their associated thresholds and functions (lock scale, hot or cold spot, etc.) at any point of any video or on any photo;
  • modify the blending between Visible and Thermal spectrums;
  • save as many screenshots as you want.


However, Thermal analyzer videos cannot be saved or exported by FreeFlight 6 – even if most devices enable you to record your screen.


To analyze a thermography media, access your Local FreeFlight 6 Gallery and open a thermal video preview or a photo.

Tap the green “ANALYZE” box.


The photo displays or the video plays in Analyzer mode. As shown on the following screen captures (extracted from a video analysis), the interface gives you access to most options available for filming.