How do I use the shutter speed (s) function of ANAFI Ai?

The “s” value refers to the time, in fraction of second, when the shutter stays open to capture a still picture: it is called exposure time.


In Auto mode, ANAFI Ai selects the best shutter speed and ISO value couple, in real time, depending on the scene and available light. In consequence, selecting a shutter speed also deactivates the Auto ISO mode.


As ANAFI Ai’s f/2.4 aperture lens lets a lot of light in, even compared to most professional SLR lenses, your drone can achieve very fast “s” values (down to 1/10000s) and capture very fast action. It can also be used for slow shots, up to 1 second for the photo mode.


Note that ANAFI Ai can shoot pictures and videos when it is not flying. You can even hold it in your hand and use it as a premium stabilized 4K video and photo camera.

1. Tap the “s” box to open the shutter slider.


2. Select a value to exit the auto-mode for shutter speed and ISO. This action also deactivates the EV slider.


3. Set the s value you require, then tap the “ISO” box to select an ISO value. Experiment! The display of the HUD reflects your settings. If you get lost, tap Auto either on the “s” or the “ISO” slider to get back to auto exposure and reactivate the EV slider.