How do I make sure I’m ready for a safe flight with ANAFI Ai?


⚠ Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of FreeFlight 7 and that both your Parrot Skycontroller 4 and your ANAFI Ai have been updated with the latest versions of firmware.


⚠ For the ultimate ANAFI Ai experience, make sure you have the right USB-A cable to connect your Parrot Skycontroller 4 and your device.


⚠ Make sure ANAFI Ai is fitted with a microSD card with enough free memory space.


⚠ Make sure all four foldable arms of ANAFI Ai are unfolded.


⚠ Make sure its propellers are clean, intact and unobstructed.


⚠ Make sure both ANAFI Ai’s and Parrot Skycontroller 4’s batteries are fully charged.


⚠ Make sure ANAFI Ai’s battery is securely installed on the drone’s body.


⚠ Make sure the lens cap has been removed from ANAFI Ai’s camera.


⚠ Make sure ANAFI Ai’s lenses are clean – if you need to clean them, hold the gimbals between two fingers so that you do not pressure their mechanisms when you clean the lens, and gently wipe the lens with a microfiber cloth.



⚠ Make sure the use of ANAFI Ai is allowed where you are intending to fly.


⚠ Check for potential restrictions regarding the use of Wi-Fi frequencies in the area where you are intending to fly.


Learn more about the latest international drone regulations


Flight conditions

⚠ Check that your flying zone is safe and clear.


⚠ Do not fly ANAFI Ai at night.


⚠ Do not fly ANAFI Ai over urban areas or over restricted airspaces such as airports, train stations, power plants, national reserves, and so on.


⚠ Check the weather: do not fly ANAFI Ai in the fog, snow, or in a wind exceeding 14 meters per second or 50 km/h.


Due to the operating mode of its vertical camera and Time of Flight (ToF) sensor, Parrot recommends you do not fly ANAFI Ai low over water and other reflective surfaces (mirrors, glass, and so on).