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Parrot Mambo

Camera for Parrot Mambo

The camera will blow the potential of your Mambo out of the water. Easy to use, you just have to connect it to your drone to enjoy live video streams on your smartphone.

Parrot Mambo Cannon + 50 balls

Cannon accessory + 50 balls  for Parrot Mambo ...

Parrot Mambo Play Pack - Grabber + Cannon

Pack with Grabber and Cannon for Parrot Mambo. Enjoy fun moments with your friends! Connect the Cannon and Grabber to the Parrot Mambo using a connection brick so you can shoot ...

Parrot MAMBO Grabber

Grabber accessory for Parrot Mambo ...

Parrot MAMBO - PCB + screws

The motherboard includes the latest Parrot SIP6 chipset with ARM A9 clocked at 800 MHz. The Parrot Mambo motherboard runs on Linux. The motherboard is equipped with a pressure se ...






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