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Parrot Jumping Sumo

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Parrot Jumping Sumo

MiniDrones3 Battery

/*-->*/ Rechargeable 550mAh LiPo battery for Parrot MiniDrones. For longer flying and rolling times! Compatible with Parrot Mambo, Parrot Swing and Jumping, Airborne and Hydrof ...

Repair kit for Jumping Sumo

Repair kit for Jumping Sumo Includes a complete jumping mechanism: 1 black plastic foot, 1 aluminum arm with brass insert, 2 springs, 1 cam, 1 catch and spring, 2 rubber pads

Battery + Charger - Parrot MiniDrones3

Battery charger pack and an extra battery ...

Parrot Kit of screws and rubbers for Jumping Sumo

Skates kit and screws for Jumping Sumo Comprend 10 rubber pads for jumping mechanism and screw 17 : 2-22-5 • 4 screws, 8 screws • 2-8 • 2-5 4 screws • 1 screw 1.8-8

Parrot Jumping Sumo Motherboard

Set of circuit boards for Parrot Jumping Sumo minidrones This pack includes: 1 Motherboard 1 Daughterboard 1 Switch






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