Flight Plan, I plan the perfect flight!

Available to buy in the app Freeflight Pro and FreeFlight 6

Flight Plan

Flight Plan, the perfect flight, fully automated

With Flight Plan (available in the app FreeFlight Pro & FreeFlight 6), you can prepare your flight plan in advance: define its trajectory, points of interest and actions to perform in the area to be filmed. Once configured, the drone sets out to execute your project with unparalleled precision, without any further intervention on your part. Thanks to your drone’s automated action, take aerial shots with irreproachable sharpness and fluidity!

Customized Flight Plans

Easily create your flight path using the waypoint system. Adjust the speed, altitude and direction of the drone directly on the map in satellite or plan view.

Points of Interest

Film the perfect video by defining specific points of interest. Your drone will adapt and keep them in the frame for the entire duration of the flight sequence.

Progressive Path

Create cinematic shots with ease. Your drone gradually changes the orientation of the camera between two waypoints, giving a "traveling" effect.


Step 1: Place your waypoints on the map
Step 2: Set the altitude, speed and direction of your drone along the defined trajectory
Step 3: Create and customize your scenarios with “timeline” view;

Flight Plan, the function of filmmakers, for Parrot Bebop 2 Power & ANAFI

Combining numerous software feats with increased autonomy, Parrot Bebop 2 Power and ANAFI deliver unprecedented flight performance. Their integration with Flight Plan ensures you can shoot images of unequaled quality in HD.

Purchase Flight Plan

Flight Plan is an "in-app purchase" and is only available once FreeFlight Pro or FreeFlight 6 has been installed on your device.



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