Parrot Minikit+

Make life easier when you're driving.

Minikit + - EU (English)
Minikit + - EU (English)
Minikit + - EU (English)


The efficient hands-free kit that couldn't be easier to install and use.

Make and receive calls from two telephones, find a name in your contacts, let a call go to voicemail, etc. Tell it what you want and it obeys! The Parrot Minikit+ includes essential features that let you stay connected while you concentrate on the road. Easy to use and with remarkable sound quality, it's both affordable and essential for keeping in touch!

Business or personal, it recognises your two telephones

The Parrot Minikit+ includes Parrot Dual Mode multipoint technology. Connect to two telephones simultaneously and use one or the other naturally and smoothly! Worried you might get them mixed up? No chance! The Parrot Minikit+ uses different ringtones to notify you of calls so you know which telephone you're answering.

Choose simplicity

Set it up easily on your sun visor! The Minikit+ is reversible, whether your sun visor is raised or lowered. From first use, the Parrot Minikit+ synchronises its contact list with your telephones automatically, and your contacts can be found in its memory immediately. When someone tries to reach you, everything stops automatically, and starts again once you've hung up. Finally, the Minikit+ can recognise when you're present: no need to turn it on or off. Thanks to its vibration detector, it turns on when you get in the car and automatically connects to your telephone.


Make a call without touching your phone!

  • 1 Parrot MINIKIT+
  • 1 USB/Mini-USB cable
  • 1 12V USB-type charger for cigarette lighter
  • 1 Elastic band
  • 1 Quickstart guide

Technical specifications


        • Dual Mode (Multipoint): simultaneous connection of two telephones
        • Number of contacts: 2,000 per phone, total of 20,000
        • Language: one language per version
        • Pairing: up to ten devices
        • Battery: lithium-ion, maximum charging time of 3.5 hours
        • Battery life: over 12 hours’ talk time, up to 6 months in Ultra Low Power Mode
        • Automatic connection by pairing order

        • Full duplex
        • Built-in omnidirectional microphone
        • Audio output via the vibrating panel
        • Advanced Parrot NR3 noise reduction
        • APA echo cancellation
        • Voice menus for all menus
        • Advanced voice recognition
        • Text-to-Speech: speech synthesis of the names in the phonebook

        • Green button: answer, call a contact from the phonebook, start voice recognition, confirm, dual call, private mode
        • Red button: hang up, switch on/off, exit the menus, cancel
        • Rotary button: access the menus, adjust the volume, send DTMF signals

        • Parrot P6i @ 416 MHz
        • Flash = 1 Gbits
        • RAM = 128 Mbits

        • 3 buttons, including 1 rotary button
        • 2 LEDs: green LED and red LED



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