• Parrot Bluegrass must be used in accordance with local regulations. The locations used to fly Parrot Bluegrass should be suitable for maneuvering the drone without endangering people, animals and property.


  • You may not be allowed to use Parrot Bluegrass in certain public places such as trains, stations or airports as well as public roads.


  • The pilot must maintain visual contact with Parrot Bluegrass at all times and be able to control its trajectory.


  • Before you fly your Parrot Bluegrass, make sure you understand the restrictions on using Wi-Fi networks where you are planning to fly. Some frequencies may be prohibited or restricted. For your information, in some countries, the outdoor use of the 5 GHz band for your Wi-Fi may be prohibited.


Flight conditions


  • Do not fly your Parrot Bluegrass at night.


  • Find out about the weather conditions to ensure a good flight with the necessary conditions of visibility. Do not use your Parrot Bluegrass if it is raining or snowing, or if there is fog. The same applies if there are gusts of wind that exceed 30 km/hour.


  • Do not fly over water.


  • Check that you have at least 10 meters of clearance around the planned takeoff and landing site of your Parrot Bluegrass. What's more, check that there are no obstacles in the vicinity that could hinder the flight plan.


  • Check that the flight altitude programmed on Pix4Dcapture is sufficient to avoid the obstacles in the area.


Update : 26/02/2019
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