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Parrot MKi9200

Microphone for MKi and ASTEROID

Double-input microphone for MKi and Asteroid with noise cancellation and optimised reception and transmission quality.


Control pad for MKi hands-free kit

Replacement remote control for MKi hands-free kit.

Screen for MKi9200

Spare part for MKi 9200 hands-free kit: Replacement screen.

eBox MKi9200 electronic unit

This replacement electronic unit for MKi9200 is the main unit of your hands-free kit. It manages both audio and power and can automatically mute the sound from your external ...


Screen cable for MKi9200

Replacement cable for Parrot MKi9200 screen.


Music cable for MKi Bluetooth hands-free kit

Music cable for MKi on-board Bluetooth hands-free kit with 2 inputs: line-in and USB.


Accessory pack for MKi remote control

Contains a battery, a dashboard mount, and a strap to attach to your steering wheel.


All-in-one Mute cable for MKi

Spare part for the entire range of MKi hands-free systems: The Mute cable mutes the radio's sound during a call. The power cable connects to your vehicle's original power without ...






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