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Parrot MKi9000

Microphone for MKi and ASTEROID

Double-input microphone for MKi and Asteroid with noise cancellation and optimised reception and transmission quality.


Control pad for MKi hands-free kit

Replacement remote control for MKi hands-free kit.

eBox MKi9000 electronic unit

This replacement electronic unit for MKi9000 is the main unit of your hands-free kit. It manages both audio and power and can automatically mute the sound from your external ...

Music cable for MKi Bluetooth hands-free kit

Music cable for MKi on-board Bluetooth hands-free kit with 2 inputs: line-in and USB.


Accessory pack for MKi remote control

Contains a battery, a dashboard mount, and a strap to attach to your steering wheel.


All-in-one Mute cable for MKi

Spare part for the entire range of MKi hands-free systems: The Mute cable mutes the radio's sound during a call. The power cable connects to your vehicle's original power without ...