Pilot your Parrot Mambo with FreeFlight Mini

FreeFlight Mini


Once you have your Parrot Mambo drone fully charged and ready to go, you need to download the application, FreeFlight Mini to your smart device. This user-friendly interface makes piloting simple, no matter what your drone flying experience.

The app connects to your drone via Bluetooth Low Energy so you don’t need to worry about it draining the battery of your smart device. The FreeFlight Mini app automatically picks up all the Parrot drones switched on in your vicinity. All you have to do is select your drone from the list and off you go!


If you have connected an FPV camera to you drone, the application will automatically detect it. Fully immerse yourself in the FPV experience by placing your smart phone in Parrot Cockpitglasses 2. Experience thrills like never before by visualizing exactly what your drone sees.

Become a pro drone racing pilot

Become a pro racing pilot using the three piloting modes, Easy, Drift and Racing.

  • The Easy mode maintains drone’s position in the air even if you have released the controls.
  • The Drift mode deactivates the horizontal stabilization allowing sharps turns and more complex maneuvers.
  • Push your piloting skills to the max and try the Racing mode. Take complete control of the drone with no stabilization assistance.

From the home screen of the FreeFlight Mini app, you can easily customize your flight parameters, including the altitude, speed and piloting mode (accelerometer and joypad).

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