Parrot MKi9100

Make calls and manage your music, all while driving.

Parrot MKi 9100
MKI 9100
MKI 9100
MKI 9100

Parrot MKi 9100

Stay connected and experience the road in a whole new way.

The Parrot MKi9100 system is a hands-free kit, with a removable OLED screen and a wireless remote. It lets you experience the road in a whole new way. At a glance, you can see all sorts of useful information: phone book, menus and settings, telephone status, simplified playlist, etc., while other features are easy to access with the wireless remote.

  • Screen


  • Synchronization


  • Music


  • voice recognition



As well as answering, hanging up or managing a three-way call, the Parrot MKi9100 offers advanced telephone functions. You can synchronise your phone book automatically, use voice recognition, have the MKi9100 speak names in your contact list, manage your contacts (up to 2000) and access your call history.

Make your life easier with an OLED screen

With its OLED screen, you can see all the information you need: the caller's name, the telephone's content and certain settings that you have set yourself.

Choose voice recognition

So that your hands stay on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road, the Parrot MKi system includes advanced voice synthesis and recognition features. Everything is automatic: the system recognises the contact's name and calls them.

Parrot MKi 9100

Give yourself the best in hands-free music and telephony.

  • 1 128 x 32 pixel OLED screen
  • 1 Six-button wireless remote
  • 1 Double external microphone
  • 1 Parrot universal mute radio box with iPod®/iPhone® and USB cable
  • 1 Steering-wheel remote assembly kit
  • 1 Dashboard screen assembly kit
  • 1 Screen cable
  • 1 Mute cable with ISO connectors
  • 1 Accessory kit
  • 1 Quick-start guide

Spare parts

Technical specifications


        • Detachable OLED high definition screen 128 x 32 pixels
        • External double microphone
        • Wireless RF remote control with 6 buttons
        • Automatic phone book synchronisation
        • Answer/make a call, reject/end/ cancel…
        • Display caller ID (name & number), phonebook, phone information...
        • Settings: volume, vocal menus, options…
  • audio

        • DSP, full duplex, advanced noise reduction, echo cancellation
        • Music: cable for iPod®/iPhone®, USB cable for MP3 players, audio streaming, Line-In and Line-Out
        • Digital stereo audio amplifier 20 W
        • Automatically mutes the car stereo during conversation and music playback
        • Transfer voice conversations and music to car’s speakers
  • Pack contents

        • 1 OLED screen, 128 x 32 pixels
        • 1 six button remote control keypad
        • 1 external double microphone
        • 1 Parrot Universal Radio Mute box with iPod®/iPhone® & USB cables
        • 1 steering wheel mounting kit for remote control
        • 1 dashboard mounting kit for screen
        • 1 screen cable
        • 1 mute cable with ISO connectors
        • 1 set of accessories
        • 1 quick start guide
  • dimension & weight

        • Screen: 82 x 32 x 14 mm, 22 g
        • Remote: 52 x 36 x 26 mm, 14 g
        • Box: 136 x 64 x 22 mm, 119 g
        • Battery life: 1 year
        • Upgradeable software via USB
  • telephony

        • Number of contacts: up to 8,000 in total (dynamic memory allocation)
        • Speaker independent voice recognition, vocal synthesis of the phone book (Text To Speech speaks the names)

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