Parrot Jumping Race Max

Defy speed and win all races

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Smash speed records!

The Parrot Jumping Race is a next-generation minidrone. Fast, energetic and ultra-stable thanks to its wide tyres, it is designed to race. With the Max version, take on the most dangerous courses. What's more, with its on-board camera, you can follow it as if you were there. Experience the greatest sensations as they happen!

159,00 €
  • Max. Speed

    8.7 mph


    Up to 75 cm

  • Video

    Real time video feedback & recording

  • Battery Life

    20 min

Turn, jump, and drive fast!

With its large tyres specially designed to race, the Parrot Jumping Race is perfectly adapted to high-speed driving inside and outside. With powerful motors and large, retractable wheels for perfect grip on the road, it's a nippy little racing car that can reach top speeds of 8.7 mph!


Impress your friends with incredible acrobatics

Your Parrot Jumping Race can radically change direction with 90° and 180° turns! Whatever you have it do, it has excellent grip and road-holding. Control it with your fingertips and make acrobatic manoeuvres. It can jump vertically and horizontally up to 80 cm, can balance itself, and can even clear its path by throwing objects out of its way using springs. You can even plan its course in advance with the FreeFlight application!

Stick to the road!

Your Parrot Jumping Race is full of surprises. Spread its wheels for optimised grip at high speeds, or put it into compact mode for increased agility. Try it out on a smooth course and get a taste for speed, or test it in obstacle mode and feel the adrenaline rush.


Enjoy maximum interaction

With its strong personality, your Parrot Jumping Race rolls, slaloms, turns, jumps, and reacts with sounds and lights. Take control of your drone and communicate through it via your smartphone's earpiece. Experience the action live!


Immersion via the camera

Equipped with an on-board, wide-angle camera streaming live video to your control screen, you can view the world from new angles 15 cm from the ground! Explore previously inaccessible areas and save all your adventures directly on your Mini USB drive*.


*not provided

Download and you're ready to fly

With FreeFlight Jumping, thanks to its accelerometer and its piloting interface's touch controls, your Jumping Drone responds directly to your smartphone or tablet's movements. Visible in real time on your tablet, not only can you direct the camera over 180°, you can also make it take off and land automatically. Piloting a drone has never been so intuitive!


Get your adrenaline going in races and obstacle courses

  • 1 Jumping Race Drone
  • 1 Battery 1 USB/micro-USB cable
  • 2 Rubber pads
  • 1 Quickstart guide
  • Stickers
159,00 €


Parrot Minidrones - Jumping - Tutorial #1: Setup

Parrot Minidrones - Jumping - Tutorial #1: Setup

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Parrot Minidrones - Jumping - Tutorial #2: Piloting

Parrot Minidrones - Jumping - Tutorial #2: Piloting

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Parrot Minidrones - Jumping - Tutorial #3: Tips & Tricks

Parrot Minidrones - Jumping - Tutorial #3: Tips & Tricks

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Spare parts

Technical specifications

  • Advanced features

        • Storage: 4 GB internal memory to record videos and photos
        • Rapid charging: 25 minutes (with a 2.6 A charger, not included)
        • Standard charge: Up to 90 minutes with micro-USB cable, included
        • Battery life: Up to 20 mins
        • Battery: Lithium polymer
        • Compatibility: Compatible with all Parrot Minidrones
        • Camera:
        • Video/Images: VGA (640 x 480 px)
        • Recording: 15 images per second

        • Network: Wi-Fi® (AC) 2.4 or 5 GHz
        • Range: Up to 50 metres in open air
        • Directional stability:
        • Gyroscope: Yes
        • Accelerometer: Yes
  • Speed, OS & Dimensions

        • Speed: Turbo engine 8.7 mph
        • OS: Linux
        • SDK: Available for developers
        • Weight: 205 g
        • Dimensions:
        • Wheels out: 186 x 155 x 116 mm
        • Wheels in: 143 x 155 x 116 mm

2-year warranty
Support & assistance

30 days
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When you buy a drone

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