Release notes - Parrot Sequoia - 1.7.1

Release note - Parrot Sequoia

Version 1.7.1 

Reason for new version: 

  • Add factory reset without graphical interface on 2x short button press + 1 very long press. 

  • Improve factory reset. 

  • Fix issue where calibrated Sequoia+ would incorrectly report itself as standard Sequoia. 

  • Improve interaction with Parrot drones for PARROT BLUEGRASS FIELDS. 

  • Improve performance of UUID image tags which would previously have collisions under certain circumstances. 


Version 1.7.0 

Reason for new version: 

  • New PTP commands added 


Version 1.6.0 

Reason for new version: 

  • Only for new Parrot Sequoia+ users: 

  • 1.6.0 Update is needed to benefit targetless work flow with Pix4Dag / Pix4Dmapper. 

Note : radiometric calibration is needed for all others post-treatment tools 


  • For all users Parrot Sequoia and Parrot Sequoia+ users: 

  • Minor bugs have been corrected 

  • Improvement work flow. 

Version 1.4.1 

Reason for new version:  

  • add missing tags in exif 

  • add some features for Disco-Pro Ag 


Version 1.3.2 

Reason for new version:  

  • Minor Bug Fixes 


Version 1.3.0 

  • [PTP Interface] Set Timelapse Interval default value to 1500ms 

  • [PTP Interface] Fix WiFi WPA passphrase handling 

  • [PTP Interface] Fix AutoOverlap mode management through StillCaptureMode get cmd 

  • [Web Interface] Fix GUI capture state management issues in Timelapse mode 

  • Optimization of JPEG encoding CPU usage 

  • Minor bug fixes 


Version 1.2.2 

  • Improved compatibility with Airinov software 


Version 1.2.1 

  • New tags added in EXIF for calibration data 

  • Minor bug fixes on the web server 


Version 1.2.0 

  • Fix 3 minutes hang 

  • Power off PS when not in use 

  • New led state for file-system check on SD Card (blinking red) 


Version 1.1.0 

  • new feature: radiometric calibration and auto mode overlap 

  • minor bug fixes 


Version 1.0.2 

  • Bug fix on factory reset feature 


Version 1.0.1 

  • Better metadata management 

  • Better web interface 

  • Http api available 

  • Minor bug fixes

Mise à jour : 20/11/2018
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