How to fly AR Drone 2?

To fly Parrot AR Drone 2, open the AR FreeFlight 2 app and press on Piloting to use your drone in free flight mode.

> The video feedback from Parrot AR Drone 2’s front camera will appear on your smartphone screen.



Carry out movements with Parrot AR Drone 2:


If you want to fly Parrot AR Drone 2 to the right, slide the joystick to the right. The same concept applies if you want to fly your drone to the left.


If you want to fly Parrot AR Drone 2 higher or lower, slide the joystick upwards or downwards.


Autopilot mode:


If you remove your finger from the smartphone, the autopilot will stabilize Parrot AR Drone 2 and set it to hover.

If you receive a call or text while you are using Parrot AR Drone 2, the drone will automatically land. By accepting the call or replying to the text, you cannot continue to use the drone.


Should you ever become too far away from the drone with your smartphone, they may be disconnected. In this case, do not close the AR FreeFlight 2 app: simply return to a position nearer to the drone to reconnect.

Update : 26/02/2019
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