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Parrot ASTEROID Mini

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Parrot ASTEROID Mini

Microphone for MKi and ASTEROID

Double-input microphone for MKi and Asteroid with noise cancellation and optimised reception and transmission quality.

15,99 €

Electronic unit for ASTEROID Mini and Tablet

Electronic unit for the Asteroid Mini to connect the Asteroid to the vehicle's audio system. ...

GPS receiver for Parrot Asteroid Mini/Smart

GPS receiver for Parrot Asteroid Mini/Smart Sirf IV USB connector

49,99 €

Remote control for ASTEROID Mini

The Asteroid Mini replacement remote control gives you full control of your hands-free system. It includes: ...

Remote control cable for Parrot Asteroid Mini

Asteroid Mini remote control cableConnects to the electronic unit and serves as a mount for the remote control while using its power to backlight the buttons.

Screen cable for ASTEROID Mini

The replacement cable for the Asteroid Mini screen attaches to its electronic unit and serves as a docking station for the screen through its micro USB connection.

Screen for ASTEROID Mini

Screen colour for ASTEROID Mini with software in French. Sold as an accessory without cables, screen onlyThe iCoyote and Waze apps are embedded natively in this screen. ...