Hot wo use Parrot MKi9200 during a call

To adjust the volume during a conversation, use the dial. > the volume is saved for subsequent conversations.


To transfer a call in progress to your phone, press the button > The call automatically switches to the phone.


If you wish to transfer the call back to the hands-free kit, press the button once again.


If you wish to disable the microphone on the hands-free kit so that the person you are speaking to is temporarily unable to hear you, press the button.


Press the button again to reactivate the microphone.



Parrot MKi9200 allows you to handle two calls at the same time provided that your phone allows this feature.


  • Press the button to accept the second incoming call. > The first call is automatically put on hold.


  • Press the button to decline the second incoming call. You can also decline this call from your phone.


  • Press the button on the hands-free kit or on the phone to switch between calls.



To end a call, just press the button

Update : 15/10/2018
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