Guidelines for installing MKi9200

First and foremost, we advise you to get your Parrot MKi9200 fitted by a professional technician.


If this is not possible, follow our installation guidelines step by step, in addition to our installation manual.


Begin by checking whether you need an ISO adapter cable. The cables provided are fitted with ISO connectors as well as two "Line out" outputs. "Line out" outputs can be used if your audio system offers this option, for example. Several setups are therefore possible depending on your car radio and vehicle.


If your car radio is not fitted with ISO connectors, you will need a cable with an adapter to make installation easier.




Before installing your Parrot MKi9200


  • Disconnect the battery before fitting the power cable


  • Before securing the components permanently, check the cable lengths. Be sure to choose positions that allow the parts to be connected to each other with the cable lengths available.


  • Avoid installing components in front of airbags.


  • Ensure that the cables of Parrot MKi9200 are not folded or trapped once installation is complete.



Removing the original car radio


  • This might require the use of special removal tools.


  • Remove the original connectors from the audio system of your vehicle before securing the various components of the hands-free kit.


  • The Mute function enables the sound from your car radio to be cut so that the conversation can be heard. The choice of "Mute in" depends on the configuration of your car radio.



Update : 15/10/2018
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